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Prophecy Of Melchizedek

Melchizedek, A name surrounded by mysteries and magical legends. In the Bible he is quoted many times as King of Salem, and in traditional Jewish he is mentioned in different books like the Zohar and the Midrash Rabba. He Is known by the Oriental peoples, feared by the Mongols, and venerated by the lamas Buddhists of these regions.

Dr. Ferdinand Ossendowski, An illustrious traveler, a man of science, and Writer, recounts the following in his now classic work of traveling "Beasts, Men and Gods" (1924) : When the caravan had crossed the steppes of Central Asia in the Tzagan-Luk, the Mongolian guide suddenly exclaimed: "Stop! Stop!", And He immediately threw himself from his camel on the ground muttering the mantra Classical Buddhist "OM MANI PADME HUM". Something incredible Arrived at that moment. The air vibrated gently and carried with it Like a song of love, and peace that came straight to the heart. The earth and the sky Seemed to hold their breathe. Even the animals perceived it:

The birds stopped their flight and landed, the camels immobilized their ears, the horses remained motionless and attentive, the dogs stopped barking and the yaks had thrown themselves to the ground.

All Mongolian bearers had knelt down and prayed fervently as they felt this Absolute peace: to the incessant wind of the region, which ceased to blow. It was a Prodigious state of things, an unusual calm and peace, especially for the

Western. When collective ecstasy ceased, the Mongols explained to Ossendowski who arrived. They had approached the Mystery of the Mysteries, the underground kingdom of the King of the World, at the very moment when it was in meditation. As is easy to understand, Ossendowski received little information Of these men. These Mongols knew that the lamas were jealously guarding the secret of the King of World, and punished severely those who disclosed such things. But here, too, there is a mystery, the testimony that the Ossendowski Occasion, coincides remarkably with what is described in the book "Mission of India " By the Marquis Saint-Yves of Alveydre (1910), and also with what is Narrated by another less prestigious author, Louis Jacolliot, in "The Sons of God" and "Spiritism in the World". The three authors Mentioned refer to the Agharti or Agharta, the name in Tibetan language, the Mysterious underground kingdom where the King of the World resides.

Ossendowski says that during a visit to the monastery of Narabanchi, Mongolia, he found a surprising prophecy that Melchizedek, "the Genius of the Terre ", had left in the same place that he had visited in 1890. There she is : Men will forget each day a little more of their souls to take care of Only their bodies. The greatest corruption will reign on earth. Men Will become like ferocious animals, thirsting for the blood of their brethren. The Crescent of the Moon will disappear and its followers will sink into begging and Perpetual war. His victors will be struck by the Sun, but they will not rise not twice; The worst of the disgraces, and they will end up under the insults to the the eyes of other people. The crowns of kings, great or small, will fall.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight ... There will be a terrible war between all peoples . . . The oceans will blush the land, and the bottom of the seas will be covered with skeletons. Nations will be decimated ... Hunger, disease, crimes unknown to the laws, as the world has never seen before. So Will come the enemies of God, and of the Divine Spirit who reside in man.  Those who take the hand of the other will also perish. The forgotten, the persecuted Will rise and attract the attention of the whole world. There will be snow and Storms, the peeled mountains will be covered with forests. The earth will tremble ... Millions of Men will exchange the chains of slavery and humiliation against those of  Hunger, disease and death . . .

The old ways will be filled with multitudes going from one place to another. The greatest, the most beautiful cities will perish by fire ... one, two, three ... The father will struggle against the son, the brother against the brother, the mother against the daughter. Vice, crime, destruction of bodies and souls, will reign without restraint ... Families will disperse ... Faithfulness and love will disappear ... Of ten thousand men only one will survive ... crazy, Naked, hungry and without strength, who will not be able to build a house or procure food ... He will howl like a mad wolf, devour corpses, bite his own flesh and defy God, full of anger .... The earth will be depopulated. God will forsake it. . Only night and death will pour out their fruits upon her.

Then a people will emerge, until then unknown, who will pluck up the weeds of madness and vice with a strong grip, and lead the battle against evil. Those who have remained faithful to the spirit of man. They will establish a new life on the land purified by the death of nations. . In fifty years there will be only three great kingdoms which will live happily for seventy-one years. There will be eighteen years of wars and cataclysms. Then the people of Agharti will come out of their underground caverns and appear on the surface of the earth.

In the last paragraph, thanks to a careful reading, Oscar Uzcategui discovered that Melchizedek gave a date and some very precise data for his prophecy. Let's see: The prophecy was written by the Lord of the World in 1890. So when Melchizedek says, "In 50 years there will be only three great kingdoms", he speaks of 1940, that is to say, of the Second World War. . Thus three new great kingdoms appeared: Europe, Russia and the USA. He then says that "they will live happy for seventy-one years." That made: 1940 plus 71, which gives us 2011. And in this fateful year "after will come eighteen years of wars and cataclysms". He tells us that we are at the gates of a world conflict that will have terrible consequences, never seen, and that will last 18 years: from 2011 to 2029.. Thereafter there will be a regeneration and a new cycle will begin, but not without a period of involution and destruction, as so many prophecies and religions of the world say.



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