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Moral Rule And Tradition



To all the masons spread over the two hemispheres of the Terrestrial Globe




01. THE UNIVERSAL ORDER OF RIGHTEOUS BUILDERS (Bâtisseur) OF MELCHIZEDEK, inspired by the Masonic tradition, proclaimed Masonic Power Initiatic and Symbolic, Independent and Sovereign. It welcomes into its midst men and women of good will who love the desire for perfection and progress to understand the laws that govern the universe


02. If the Word is Silver and it is necessary that a good master mason`s language is to evoke the words that express the Good, the Beautiful, and the Useful (Socrates' motto) Silence is Gold, And from the novitiate a mason must know how to preserve absolute secrecy about the works and respect the others in integrity and uniqueness.


03. O U J B∴M in the work of the lodge aims at the intellectual, moral and spiritual perfection of its members by means of the initiatory way of the Alchemical and traditional symbolic Freemasonry, and that the teachings Learned are reflected in the acts.


04. It adopts, for its members, the principles of Absolute Freedom of Conscience, Equality before the Law, Fraternity between each, implying the virtues of Tolerance and Solidarity.

05. He refrains from interfering in public life, and therefore refuses any militant or polemical attitude, whether oral or written, of an ideological, political or religious nature.


06. It also prohibits any interference with the secular and personal commitment of its members, an undertaking which it considers to be part of the individual appraisal of each of them, in so far as that undertaking is compatible with the principles to which the members of THE UNIVERSAL ORDER OF RIGHTEOUS BUILDERS (Bâtisseur) OF MELCHIZEDEK


07. He considers that the Masonic regularity is that of the Freemasons, and not that which the Obediences claim. This regularity is linked to the conditions under which the initiation was conferred, and to the Masonic behavior of the person who received it.


08. The work of his Lodge is essentially initiatory in nature; They relate only to subjects whose contribution to the very purpose of obedience is affirmed; They can deal, in addition to the rituals and the symbolic method, of any subject relating to art, philosophy, science, the history of civilizations, alchemy, the spirit of the Knighthood, The construction of the inner and outer temple, the search for the divine in itself, and the mysteries of mystery.


09. The Great Lights on the altar of oaths are: the Volume of the Sacred Law, and the Square and the Compass. However, when the rite does not require it, and a majority decision authorizes it, the Volume of the Sacred Law may be replaced by the Rule, which symbolizes both the duty and the morality of the Freemason. The Square and the Compass


10. Represent a state of equilibrium between the two components of the human being, namely the spiritual aspect and the material aspect.


11. The place where the lodge meets under the discipline of the ritual must be considered as a sacred place which requires from the Freemasons a worthy presentation and a courteous and good behavior. The latter strive to respect, scrupulously and sincerely, as a rule of ethics, the decisions of O U J BM that of the Lodge, taken by a majority at the end of fraternal exchanges. Democratically driven, but above all, must recognize a law that subsumes all others, the Law of Love.


12. Any Freemason of the Universal Order of the Masonic Buildings undertakes to take part in all the works to which he is summoned on account of his symbolic rank, unless he is really justified as to a possible impediment Of force majeure. Nevertheless, any absence must be justified.


13. THE UNIVERSAL ORDER OF RIGHTEOUS BUILDERS (Bâtisseur) OF MELCHIZEDEK aims to be, at all levels of its structure, a true center of Union in which all Freemasons "free and of good morals" lives Masonicly exempt from any dogmatic priori and is, however, deist, theistic and gnostic. This is the reason why the rites which compose it all refer to the Great Architect of the Universe, considered as a Symbol of gathering in view of Masonic initiation.


14. Freemasons of THE UNIVERSAL ORDER OF RIGHTEOUS BUILDERS (Bâtisseur) OF MELCHIZEDEK honor each other with the imperative duty, under all circumstances, to give aid, and assistance, even at the risk of their lives, to any Freemason in order to protect him, and to defend it against injustice.


15. The masonic oath is indissolubly linked to the mason's commitment as to the initiatory goal he sets himself. Before any oath is taken, the mason who lends it must affirm that he has taken full knowledge of this Rule.


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The Novice (Freemason)

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