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The Universal order of the righteous builders of Melchizedek

First things first and we inform you of the truth already on your affiliation with lodges in Africa.
There seems to be a lot of misunderstandings about Freemasonry (and even that is an understatement ...)
1. To Become a Freemason does not give you money, and you will not become rich (at least monetarily speaking)
2. To Become a Freemason will not make you become a VIP or help you win contracts.
3. A Freemason must (in theory anyway) shun vice and practice virtue.
4. Sometimes money collections are organized for charitable purposes, and not to fill the bank accounts of the brothers.
5. In no way is there is human sacrifice or something shameful in our orders.
6. YOU MUST PAY FEES ANNUAL LODGE, which are used for the sustainability of the lodge and the Order.
7. If you do not read and understand the 1st point, I repeat, becoming a Freemason will not give you money, and you will not get rich. If you carefully read this article, and you still do not see the answer to your question, I suggest you read the article again before applying. I understand that the text is long, but it is you who is knocking on the door, not me.

WARNING: 1- There is a growing number of false lodges operating in Africa taking rituals on the internet and inventing anything just for money. They also use Facebook very effectively in their ways of scamming, so be very careful!
2- Just as there is no initiation officially recognized via the internet. Before you run out to your Masonic journey, know that the process can take some time, and again our lodges are mixed with both Male and Females ...
So if you cannot answer YES to any of following questions we will have to reconsider your desire to get into Freemasonry:
1. You are over the age of 23/25 years?
2- Can you afford to pay your annual lodge fees without you or your family being put in financial difficulty?
3- You are able to spend 2 or 3 nights per month to attend outfits, meetings, workshops, meals etc...
4. Are you able to dedicate time and or money to help those less fortunate than you?

And finally the big question: Why do you want to become a Freemason? We often ask you, no need to create a story, be sincere and above all be honest with yourself.

Our history dates back to the 16th century, and is loaded with honor by the quality of the members that make up our Lodges.

The Universal order of the righteous builders of Melchizedek is a bearer of promises.
The Masonic Lodge is our hope. In his fullness she prepares man, by way of initiation, to assume its future.

The Freemasons are builders, hence the necessity of learning, and the need for being tested.
Freemasonry testifies that one can live his life in a healthy and fruitful manner, and this by a selflessness which liberates itself from shackles.

The Lodge invites everyone to go to himself. The free man is the product of the work he is doing. The Freemason, therefore, must overcome his passions, and die to himself for access to his state of being initiated.

The application for entry into the masonic order is the sign of a searching for, and commitment. This desire is to go beyond self training for the layman, and another vision of his homework in the first place, with the concept of the divine, then with humanity, and finally, towards himself.

This birth to a new life to open up to her to be, it is the questioning of his existence, this is the key of initiation.

You can't enter in Freemasonry as people enter into religion!
The Masonic commitment is not something other than the search for a Harmony in a personal way, first by the one in the Lodge to which we are affiliated with. And by an inner search whose object is the discovery of the divine in either, and the understanding of its sublime laws.

This conscience is acquired gradually, already by the practice of rituals, but also by a set of work.
The symbolic esoteric studies, and hermetic, in particular, define the place that occupies the man among the other kingdoms that are mineral, plant life, and animals, to achieve, and search for justification in the eyes of the universe.

The Lodge is symbolically a place closed and sacred. It is in this place, in this workshop, that between the brothers and sisters, links special relationships of honor, Brotherhood and love.
The Masonic discipline is based on a tradition, it brings into play an experience of the human, the sacred, and the divine. It is a liberating authority.

The degrees of instruction conferred by the order are divided into four stages, plus one, which are:
1 ERDEGRÉ: the novitiate which brings together 14 novice men and women who will work for 18 months.
Then the three degrees symbolic, common to all the rites, symbolic masonry, (apprentices, companions, Masters and Masters secrets).

Symbolic masonry gives an explanation of the symbolism, and the philosophical research thereof.

Esoteric and operative masonry teaches the philosophy and practice of internal alchemy. It opens one to the understanding of ancient myths, founder of religions, and the related mysteries. Its object is to put the initiated on the path of the original research into these particular causes.

She is studying the construction of the Temple of man in a particular way of the builders, numbers, and sacred geometry.

Since the creation of our order, we have our representatives in the U.S and Canada, South America, Europe, the Indian Ocean, the Caribbean, Africa, and  (Oceania) Australia.

More currently we are building 25 lodges in Africa.

The regularity is understandable here by its application of democratic rules of election of its leaders, and by the respect of traditional uses of initiation.

The O U J B M is born out of the project of several brothers throughout the world who carry hermetic and esoteric initiatic affiliations recognized as a great masonic culture and spiritual egregore.

She was not intended to divide, but to unite what is a parting moment.
However, we design treaties of fraternal friendship with Masonic forces who are working in the same direction as us.

Our story is not so old, but is loaded of honor by the quality of the members who are gone. Indeed the universal order of the righteous builders of Melchizedek is composed of high degrees from faiths of the east, and from different countries. Knowing this, we wanted a United Nations order based on the true tradition of the builders of the founders of the franc masonry, under the protection of Melchizedek. We wanted to work with research related to the esoteric symbols (symbolic) hermeticism, and alchemy. We are interested in the tradition of the builders, and the messages they left us through time.
We are represented in almost all continents with United Nations Replacement Grand Commander in the United States, Canada, South America, Europe, the Indian Ocean, and Arab countries. Surrogates or 98° of our order create the Lodges under their territorial authority, however the investigation remains the prerogative of our order.

We control all work in lodges, dependent on two to three years.

We start on the 1st degree of our order, either the lodges of novitiate who gather during meetings and rituals, must do the work symbolic, and philosophical. These lodges pendants are 18 months who don't work in the united nations temple.

Lodges are required to be mixed, which is our strength.

Today stronger than at the beginning, we need to strengthen our loges, our great foundations, and create, or we are not represented.

Guy Foucher 99°
Sovereign Grand Commander

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